Give Your Child A Christian Education

“But bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord” Ephesians 6:3

“The reason I do not send my children to a Christian school is that I want my child to be able to stand in this world—I don’t want them to be a “hothouse plant”.”

This reasoning seems sound on the surface, but it is terribly flawed. I am speaking from the perspective of a former public school teacher and principal for thirty years.

1. In Bible times children did not enter their occupation and ministry until they where thirty years of age.
Today we are withdrawing our control and our influence far too early.

2. It is true that some plants which are planted directly in the fields do seem to be hardy—yet many are lost due to the onslaught of the elements.
The hard ground, the weeds and birds all take their toll. Cold, heat, drought and insects take many others.

Yes, there are many of our young people who survive in the public school–in fact there are some who shine and are a testimony for Christ there. There are many, many others however, who do not survive. The bombardment of the world’s system will take a toll on these tender plants. Dr. Paul A. Kienel quotes the ‘National Sunday School Association’, as reporting, “70% of Christian young people who attend public schools drop out of church between ages twelve and seventeen.” He continues by stating that, “90% of Christian students living in secular college dorms drop out of church the first semester.”

3. Do we look at Sunday School and church as hothouses?
If we do, then we are putting our children in the hothouse on Sunday and out in the field for the rest of the week. In many cases, plants are started in the protective environment of the green house – in small intimate trays and then moved to the garden only when the frost is passed, and they can survive.

4. If evolution and humanism are harmless, could we not make them part of the Sunday School curriculum?
By sending our students to public schools are we not sanctioning the entire program? Are we not bringing confusion in the minds of our children? Children need to hear one voice and one message. All knowledge must acknowledge a divine design and creator. All issues must be measured by God’s laws and statutes.

5. In Luke 6:40, it indicates that a student becomes like his teacher.
Do we want our young people to emulate many of their High School teachers? Would we ask these teachers to teach your Sunday Schools?

6. One of the strongest influences in a young persons life are their friends.
My experience has been that many of our young people conform at school just enough to be accepted by their peers—then conform again at church. This is a poor habit to bring into adulthood.

The Bible gives the responsibility for the training of young people to you, the parent. As parents you must never delegate this to an institution that does not believe in God or his Word.

Yes, we must ‘nourish’ or children in a protected environment until they are able to survive on their own. Every young person deserves a ‘hothouse’ environment for the first eighteen years of their lives. They will be out on their own soon enough. If twenty-one is the age we expect our child to survive economically—then why not spiritually?.

Parents, sacrifice and give your child a Christian education.

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