Pastoral Testimonials

Dr. Sirstad has the heart for ministry. He uses the burden God has laid upon him to use his gifts to both heal and edify the body of Christ. My wife and I are beneficiaries of his ministry and are forever grateful.

Daystar Ministries is exactly what every pastor should be involved in. A tremendous service for both the Pastor and congregation. My wife and I are pleased to be partners with Daystar Ministries and Dr. Sirstad.

Pastor Greg and Brenda Garrett
Spokane, WA

The demands of life in our present age expand at the speed of technological advances and social adaptations. Many men and women struggle to keep up with these demands. There is an ever-increasing awareness gap in North American society between those in the know and those struggling to keep up. The Church is not shielded from such pressures. In fact, ministry and saint alike are forced to sometimes make hasty decisions dealing with the needs of the moment. Then soon it becomes obvious that the problem is not ‘fixed.’ The result of this pressure creates emotional and relational stress. If left unchecked, this resulting stress can contribute to a rift in marriages and personal lives. When our stability as believers is shaken or damaged, it affects our relationship with God; our prayer life; our influence in our children’s lives; our moral compass; our testimony to the world and all aspects of our Christian walk. The list is as broad as man is unique!

The ministry of DayStar and Rev. Daniel Sirstad is presented to assist our Pastors as we endeavor to bridge the chasm that pressured choices create. The ministry of DayStar was birthed from Rev. Sirstad’s personal experiences, coupled with God’s calling and academic excellence. This combination creates a fervent and tireless desire in his heart to help others rediscover stability in their marriages and Christian lives.

If DayStar fits into the needs of the flock God has entrusted to your care, we encourage you to contact Rev. Daniel Sirstad, and consider partnering with DayStar Ministries. Pastors from Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska have seen the benefits of adding DayStar to their active ministry agenda. Once you see the positive results DayStar brings, we believe you will agree!

Pastor P. Ted Graves
Oregon UPCI District Superintendent

Pastor Raymond Woodson, Sr.
Washington UPCI District Superintendent

We have found Rev. Daniel Sirstad with Daystar Ministries to be a great help at Cornerstone Pentecostal Church. His discretion and professionalism is very much intact and appreciated. Should you have need of a Christian councilor, I would give this man my highest recommendation.

Pastor Jim Shew
Victoria, British Columbia

Rev. Daniel Sirstad, of DayStar Ministries, presented a Marriage Seminar at our church in the fall of 2014. It was well attended with a neighboring church joining in. The presentation was facilitated by video and notebook supplements. Vital information for marriages was covered with opportunity for discussion. More information was available than we had time to cover. Additional resources were available in books and pamphlets.

The seminar was profitable for couples of all ages.

Pastor Mitch Glover
Sterling, Alaska

There is no doubt that the family is under attack today. The enemy is on an agenda to destroy the family unit. What a refreshing breeze to hear a voice taking us back to the basic teachings of God’s Word. Rev. Daniel Sirstad through DayStar Ministries is giving leading and guidance to families in regards to their children and their marriages to establish a strong family unit. I highly recommend him to your church family.

Pastor Stuart Churchill
Kenai, Alaska

In a world where marriage and divorce along with the multitude of unhealthy relationships abound, a seminar such as was presented to our church by Dr. Sirstad through DayStar Ministries, is not only vital but I feel, is ultimately necessary.

The DayStar Ministries marriage seminar provided a balanced, realistic look at the different aspects of a marriage relationship. The marriage seminar was thought provoking and I believe it brought to the forefront of the minds of our church couples who attended, the ability to focus and refocus on their reason and purpose for marriage.

Thank you, Dr. Sirstad for sharing your years of experience as you, through God, seek to help Apostolic couples thrive successfully in their marriages with invaluable tools from a Godly perspective.

Pastor T. Zotzman
Williams Lake, BC Canada

Thank you, DayStar Ministries, for being involved with the ministry of restoration at Eastside Apostolic. It has been almost three years that we have been blessed by DayStar in our ministerial partnership. During this time many families, couples and individuals have been positively impacted by this Apostolic ministry.

We live in a time of great attack against the Biblical model of marriage and family and it is my belief that as Apostolics, we need Apostolic-based resources. We have a simple philosophy that "Strong Men make Strong Families, and Strong Families make a Strong Church."

Thank you, Bro. Sirstad and DayStar Ministries for partnering with, and laboring alongside, Eastside Apostolic.

Pastor Andrew Seagraves
Redmond, Washington

Rev. Daniel Sirstad and DayStar Ministries have been a great blessing as they come alongside the pastor, working together with him to restore broken marriages. Thank you so much for the vision and insight of this essential ministry in reaching today's world.

Pastor Alfred S. Starr
Salem, Oregon

I have had the opportunity to use Daystar Ministries and Rev. Daniel Sirstad in our church. The ministry that he provided to our church has been very valuable to the families that have been involved with DayStar Ministries. The insight and perspective that Rev. Sirstad was able to bring in ministering to many of our families and in dealing with conflict resolution was a great value to the church, and a great help to this ministry. The help that he brought to us was incalculable.

I would highly recommend DayStar Ministries as a useful addition and tool to use in any local church assembly. Rev. Sirstad’s ability to work within the framework of the local church assembly and add a unique, moral and Christian perspective to conflict resolution and families in trouble is a tremendous value to any local church.

Pastor Gary Blaylock
Mountlake Terrace, Washington

Rev. Daniel Sirstad has been a blessing to me personally and to our church in Olympia. His willingness to listen and teach in a manner consistent with Biblical truths and full of compassion are a needed ministry.

Rev. Sirstad will encourage and empower individuals to understand their personal temperaments and address difficult issues in their lives. Empowered with this understanding of self and in a way that is biblically sound, you will grow, heal and become more whole.

Pastor Nathan Boyd
Olympia, Washington