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Compatibility Counseling is a model that DayStar Ministries is implementing. Compatibility Counseling helps a couple determine whether they are a match for each other before they get to the point of getting engaged to be married. If you are at this point in your relationship and see the value of Compatibility Counseling, then contact us today.

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Compatibility Counseling Testimonial:

Before starting the DayStar Ministries pre-marital compatibility counseling sessions with my boyfriend of two years, the love of my life, I was a little nervous and didn’t know what outcome to expect. I knew our relationship was heading in the direction towards “forever” if you know what I mean, so my selfish flesh didn’t want anything to ruin this. I figured we would learn some important information about marriage and maybe work on some things in our relationship in order to grow and be successful, but really, honestly, I thought this would potentially cause us to break up. This wouldn’t be the end of the world, because depending on whatever the situation is, it could of been the best thing to happen later on in life for the both of us, but in present time, the worst thing to ever happen… so, yeah, I was a little nervous.

Dr. Sirstad, our counselor, at first, gave us both a couple of tests to take (one test has a 93% accuracy rate) with multiple questions. These tests basically evaluated our God-given temperaments. After taking these tests, and discussing the results and the meaning behind the results with Dr. Sirstad, I found out things about myself and that I realized were actually true and not just interesting, but quite compelling.

We both learned things about each other that you would have never known unless you were to really take the time to dig deep and evaluate us like Dr. Sirstad did. One of the many things we discovered is a main key for our relationship to be successful. This key may be different for other relationships, but it is important in ours. The sessions were intriguing and exciting, and I literally couldn’t wait to come back to learn more about ourselves. Dr. Sirstad was patient, kind, and really cared. He showed God’s love to both of us in each session.

We learned about how our relationship with Jesus affects who we are as people and how that affects others. We learned how Jesus dealt with certain situations and how to apply that to our lives and our relationship with each other and other people! It was truly amazing to learn and start applying certain principles and exercises he gave us to try, in order to help us! And in the end, fortunately, we learned that we are compatible, but we also learned that it’s going to be work. Hard work. Never ending work. Work that will take effort every day just like in any marriage and potentially ours if we did decide to take that “next step” in life… I can truly say now that I am in no rush for marriage. Yes, I want it to happen, but in God’s timing, and when we actually know we are ready to take on the true, realistic work of a marriage.

Overall, I absolutely, 100%, with all my heart encourage any couple that is seriously thinking of marriage and spending their lives with each other to do some godly counseling from DayStar Ministries with Dr. Sirstad before engagement. I know I don’t know everything there is to know about marriage, but I do believe the things and information that I have learned taking this course with Dr. Sirstad will indefinitely change my life, my future and whomever I end up marrying.

Thank you Dr. Sirstad, from the bottom of my heart. This is worth more than I could ever imagine.

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