Seminar Testimonials

“We liked your expertise and humor. You gave us modern Bible based advice to live by!”

“During the marriage seminar, Dr. Sirstad was hitting the right buttons on such very important topics.”

“This seminar provided great Scriptural and factual teaching. Dr. Sirstad led us to much thought provoking introspection.”

“This was our first time attending a marriage seminar and we loved it. Each session was perfectly explained and will be very useful for us. We will be making changes starting today!”

“These sessions were well organized, flowed well and came across as not being judgmental.”

“This was an awesome seminar that immensely opened my eyes on how to build a better relationship with my spouse.”

“We have received very positive feedback and encouraging outcomes as a result of our recent visit by Dr. (Rev) Daniel Sirstad. Our program included individual counseling, an open talk time, a seminar and preaching, which was appreciated by all.

Dr. Sirstad’s seminar was informative, thought provoking and it left us with tools to overcome personal issues and a challenge to strive to be a better Christian,

Dr (Brother) Sirstad’s preaching again was much enjoyed as well as the fellowship we shared together.

I would personally recommend having Brother Sirstad in your church to benefit from his well informed sessions and inspired preaching.

Pastor T. Zotzman

The Voice of Pentecost Church
Williams Lake, BC

The marriage seminar was very helpful and hit close to home.

I feel blessed to have been able to attend this seminar. I am excited that my fiancé and I can use what we learned here.

This seminar helped me to be open to spontaneity.

This was a memorable and useful session. The speaker is knowledgeable and clear in communicating the subject.

I gained some helpful tips on how to manage & overcome anger in my marriage.

The handouts were helpful. The sex stuff was clarifying and taught us to respect our wives and ourselves.

We want to learn some more about marriage. Please come back.

“Dr. Sirstad has an intense way of teaching, which opens up the door of hope. He mixes in humor at the right time while maintaining the importance of the topic. Very good stuff!!”

“We liked the humor and respectful manner of ‘not so pleasant topics.’ This seminar was the perfect even for my husband and I to attend to achieve newer and healthier results.”

“The seminar is quite insightful and explicit. All the topics covered were just right on point! It was an explosive and enriching experience. I have learned, unlearned and relearned. Well done sir!”

“As a newlywed couple, we are so glad to have been a part of this marriage seminar. We now have great information to take with us as we go through our faith, trials, happiness and friendship.”

“This seminar was very informative, well put together and easy to follow. Thank you for some awesome information. You are an amazing speaker.”

“Dr. Sirstad has a clear, engaging and understandable teaching spirit. He provided great applicable teaching.”

“I enjoyed being reminded of how much I enjoy being married to my best friend.”

“This marriage seminar gave us great examples in the midst of the teaching. Dr. Sirstad makes each subject interesting so we can focus on what he is teaching. We especially appreciated learning about the anger aspect of marriage and how we should act within the sexual component of marriage.”

This seminar was Scripturally based, practical and dealt with reality.

“I enjoyed the humor injected during tough topics. I like that you discuss real life scenarios. Thank you for giving us things to think about and challenges for the future.”

You did a terrific job. Thank you!

This session led us on an adventure. It started with God’s creation then ended with God’s intention for His creation.

I think every married couple should come to this seminar. Rev. Sirstad not only is very funny and makes the class fun, but I believe my husband and I will walk away so much stronger in our marriage. Thank you so much.

These sessions opened my eyes to all aspects of my marriage.

Rev. Sirstad presented this topic tastefully. He has a vast amount of knowledge that he portrays in a clear and concise manner.