Partners in Counseling

As the coming of the Lord rapidly approaches, the Church is sustaining greater levels of pressure and perplexity. Pastors increasingly struggle to meet demands placed upon them while caring for those God has placed in their protection.

The decaying moral condition of mankind leaves more people on our doorsteps broken, bruised and battered, desperately seeking someone to meet their need. Even our foundational families encounter battles that scar and leave unhealed wounds.

DayStar Ministries is equipped to help. DayStar is staffed with Licensed Pastoral and Christian Counselors and serves to strengthen your hands as an adjunct and trusted ally.

With your guidance, DayStar provides counseling services and personal development tailored to your local assembly. We find face-to-face visits, video-conferencing sessions, webinars, and seminars to be an effective means of support at various levels of engagement.

Become A Partner in Counseling

For Churches to Help Those In Need

Level One
$25 per Month
  • For churches wishing to help DayStar provide cost-effective counseling.
  • 20% Discount on Counseling Services
Level Two
$50 per Month
  • 8 Hours of Counseling Services Per Year
  • 20% Discount on Additional Counseling Services
  • Coming Soon: 24/7 Access to Online Videos
Level Five
$500 per Month
  • 80 Hours of Counseling Services Per Year
  • Access to Four (4) Live Webinars Per Year with Q&A Following
  • 20% Discount on Additional Counseling Services
  • Coming Soon: 24/7 Access to Online Videos

* Note: Additional sessions are provided at $95 per clinical hour for all levels. Levels 2 through 5 - clinical hours are facilitated via a video-conferencing tool. Each new clinical engagement requires clients to complete a temperament analysis profile for a one-time cost of $55. This provides a common platform of information.

Webinar Subjects

These sessions can be tailored for the local assembly or broadly advertised in the community as an outreach tool.

  • Abuse
  • Addiction
  • Anger
  • Living with Chronic Illness
  • Coping with Crisis
  • Created in God’s Image
  • Developmental and Cultural Challenges with Children
  • Dealing with Homosexuality
  • General and Seasons of Life Depression
  • The Father-Daughter Connection
  • Joy in the Midst of Mourning
  • Marriage Topics
  • Parenting
  • Dealing with Pornography
  • Self-control Problems
  • Self-worth Issues
  • A Christian Perspective on Sexuality
  • Sexual Disorders
  • Stress Management
  • Temperament/Creation Therapy
  • Customized Training Sessions as Necessary

Research demonstrates the commitment people make of their time and resources is proportionate to the value they receive. DayStar recommends every participant in your church contribute financially to their counseling sessions. How much they contribute and how you move those funds within your own organizational framework is completely private and in your control.

Scheduling and accounting is managed by DayStar. The Licensed Counselors are assigned hours as directed by the Pastor. Client confidentiality is preserved by the monthly statement sent directly to the church for the hours accessed. Agreements for clinical hours are established on a one year time frame.

It is the hope and prayer of DayStar Ministries that each participating congregation is enriched and blessed by the services offered, and the load of each ministering church Pastor is made lighter by the professional help of the DayStar staff. In these great and final days, Christians need support and stability to fight the good fight of faith and to walk in confidence. DayStar Ministries seeks to humbly assist in this effort, and we present this service to you and your saints with respect.