Truth Will Prevail!

Truth will prevail!

Isaiah 59:14: “Our courts oppose the righteous, and justice is nowhere to be found. Truth stumbles in the streets, and honesty has been outlawed.

From their inception, the Israelites were a people who believed in one God and that it was He they should serve only. As time passed, memories faded, and generations gave way to the next, we saw truth stumbling more and more.

Parents would find a heathen wife for their son, and truth would stumble.

Idols were placed within dwelling places, and truth would stumble. 

Neighbors would take advantage of each other, and truth would stumble.

Lies became the norm, and truth would stumble.

Laws were broken, and truth would stumble.

Sexual immorality became commonplace, and truth would stumble.

Sin was rampant, and truth would stumble.

Judges were corrupt, city elders were devious, many would look out for their desires, and truth would stumble and stumble and stumble.

Amid this, Isaiah proclaims that the arm of the Lord is not too weak to save you and the ear of the Lord is not too deaf to hear you.

Then Isaiah proceeds to tell Israel how wicked they are and that their sins were piling up before God to testify against them. He lets their judges know how corrupt they are and how against righteousness they are. He said that justice is nowhere to be found. 

And that truth stumbles in the streets, public squares, city gates, or (as the KJV says) that truth is fallen in the street. Honesty was outlawed and had become undesirable.

The Good News

Years later, Jesus came, lived, and died so that all might be saved from their sin. And Truth stood tall once again.

All around us, truth is stumbling to the point where there is no justice. Our world epitomizes Isaiah’s words. 

Yet, we have hope. Because Truth still reigns. Truth stumbled on the way to the cross and got back up. Those who love Truth may stumble but will get back up (Proverbs 24:16 NLT).

Loving and obeying truth will enable us to live in this world and someday live with Jesus for eternity.

Have no doubt! Truth will prevail! Joy to the world! Truth has come to stay!

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