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No Trespassing!

No trespassing signs come in all sizes, shapes and messages. They are posted on public and private property. They are placed on large buildings and small alike. Businesses post no trespassing signs and so do home owners. A peaceful drive in the country will allow one to see no trespassing signs placed on the gate…

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Reversing The Ripple!

I remember, as a boy, how infatuated I would get by throwing a rock into a lake and watching the ripples appear one by one. At first, the only impact to the lake was where the rock landed. There was a splash causing great disruption. Then in quick succession ripples appeared. Each ripple impacted a…

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Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes Our affiliate program* with Covenant Eyes gives you real tools to help you and your family stay safe online – on any device. Real Relationships. Real Change. Relationships have the ability to overcome pornography’s deep deception. Covenant Eyes supports the power of Internet Accountability so you can break free from the destructive life…

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Welcome, ! We’re glad you’re taking this journey with us. More info will be coming soon. Assignments Curabitur ultrices erat sollicitudin lectus fermentum commodo. Vivamus ac finibus velit, eu tempor enim. Sed at aliquet tortor. Nulla ipsum eros, convallis id lobortis non, vehicula eu diam. Praesent arcu est, tincidunt sit amet convallis sit amet, lobortis…

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Donation to DayStar

Daniel & Jeanie Sirstad

Your donation helps to reduce the costs to those in need. Your donation also helps DayStar Ministries provide ministry services to smaller congregations that lack the financial base needed. Thank you so much for considering DayStar as one of your ministry partners in finance and prayer. DayStar Ministries is a non-profit organization registered in the state of Oregon, USA.

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