An Announcement!

We have an announcement! For those not aware, DayStar Ministries birthed a group called Apostolic Moral Purity in September of 2020. Over the last 21 months, much has been accomplished.

Currently, AMP is producing online events twice a month, which is posted on Facebook and on their YouTube channel. Some recent guests have been Rev. Stan Gleason and Rev. Esmeralda Delgadillo, MA. Upcoming guests will include Dr. David Bernard and Rev. Kenneth Carpenter. In addition to these online events, other resources are being developed that are also being posted in the same two locations. Eventually, each of these resources will be available on AMP’s website.

Already, the resources available have benefited pastors, congregations, sex addicts, betrayed wives, and others who seek to bring healing to this demographic within the Apostolic world. Many knowledgeable individuals have joined forces to address different aspects of AMP.

Available Now

Some of what AMP is providing now are Emotive and Cognitive resources. This includes testimonials from individuals set free of sexual brokenness and testimonies of how God brought healing into marriages that suffered from sexual addictions. In addition, information addressing neuroscience and how that impacts the brain, and what can be done to counteract previous traumas.

AMP now has weekly recovery groups (Walking Free) built around an Apostolic 12-step ministry. Facilitators are being trained and more are needed. A model for clinical counseling is being developed for the addict, the betrayed spouse, and the healing of the marriage. 

Coming Soon

Currently, this ministry is being provided for men, but will also be available for female sex addicts in the future as well as different age groups and languages. Many more projects are being developed to bring complete healing to individuals, couples, and families. 

In an effort to further prepare himself, the founder of DayStar Ministries and Apostolic Moral Purity (Dr. Daniel Sirstad) has recently obtained a PSAP (Pastoral Sex Addiction Professional) certification. This will enable him to have a better grasp and understanding of the subject while being able to assist individuals and provide information for pastors and congregations.

It is the desire of DayStar Ministries and Apostolic Moral Purity to provide healing to the Apostolic world. For further information, you may contact the office at or

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