Gay Marriage? From the Beginning It Was Not So!

“…He that made them at the beginning made them male and female, and said, for this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh? Matthew19:4,5 KJV

It is time that Pentecostals stand up for and protect God’s plan for the Family! We can no longer be silent!

“A Change of Heart – Inside the evangelical war over gay marriage”
This is the title of an article in the current Time magazine, [January 26, 2015]. It features the Eastlake Community Church in Seattle. They are an evangelical church who just changed their stand on Gay Marriage. Their opening video each Sunday includes: “Gay or straight here, there’s no hate here”. It is not an issue of hate – it is an issue of morality. From the beginning, gay marriage was not so. We do not hate gays, we hate homosexuality – because God hates it.

The article, although pro-gay, goes on to correctly say: “…for many evangelicals, the marriage debate isn’t really about marriage or family or sex – it is about the Bible itself. And that makes many evangelicals all the more uncompromising…. Evangelical faith prizes the Bible’s authority, and that has meant a core commitment to biblical inerrancy – the belief that the words of the Bible are without error. Genesis Chapter 1 says God created male and female for one another, and Apostle Paul calls homosexuality a sin.” [Amen]

I would go further to say that “homosexual marriage” tarnishes the sanctity of marriage and the institution of the family. Children are the natural result of marriage. God blessed Adam and Eve, saying “Be fruitful, and multiply.” God also blessed Noah and his sons to “Be fruitful, and multiply.” A husband and wife with children was, and still is, the blessed result of the God-given institution of marriage and family. Homosexual unions will never have this blessing.

Each year, as Principal of a public school, I would show a ‘Human Growth’ film to the boys and a female counselor would show one to the girls. Fathers were welcome in my sessions, mothers in hers. I received a letter of protest from the lesbian mother of one of our boys. She demanded the right to be present when I presented this material to the boys. She said, “Some children have a mother and a father for parents, while other children have two mothers.”

As Principal, I refused to allow her to be present. This happened just two years before I retired, but I wonder if I could take that position today and make it stand? I wonder if it would now cost me my job?

A Chaplain, who I knew to be a kind and caring man, was fired from his position in one of our local hospitals because he used the Bible as the authority to prove that God does not approve of homosexual lifestyles and homosexual marriages.

Here in Multnomah County, our elected officials voted to offer health benefits to any “family partner”; without benefit of marriage, heterosexual or homosexual. You and I are now supporting through our taxes lifestyles that we believe are sinful in the sight of our God.

The lesbian mother, who demanded her right to be present at an all male presentation, had a son who was an angry young man and was confused as to his own sexuality. He was constantly being teased and constantly fighting. It concerned me that most of those fights were with girls.

They tell us the traditional family, with a mother and a father who are married and in love, with two or more children is quickly becoming a thing of the past. In Seattle, 1 in 17 couples living together are gay.

For the sake of our children, we must fight for God’s original plan for families. In order to preserve the traditional family, we must stand up for the fact that marriage is between one man and one woman. In the beginning it was so.

As the Church of the Living God, we must stand up! Speak up! And vote up – for traditional families!

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