Keep Brushing!

Keep brushing what? Well, for one, your teeth. 

Interestingly, some people only sporadically brush their teeth until the teeth start to hurt. Then, they get serious about brushing and flossing. But, by that time, it’s too late. A visit to the dentist is now inevitable. 

So, a trip or two or three to the dentist takes place. The pain is eradicated. And, lo and behold, so is the brushing. After all, since there is no longer any pain, why brush? That makes sense, at least until the pain starts again. Right?

Well. Not exactly. The conventional wisdom would say it’s good to brush your teeth after every meal and before bed and have a flossing routine even when there is no pain. The reasoning and the reality are that when you care for your teeth in the good times, there will be fewer bad times. Consequently, there will be less pain and fewer visits to your favorite person in the whole wide world: the dentist.

Assuming most of you agree with the above summation, why don’t most people follow this reasoning regarding relationships? 

I am honored to be someone some turn to or refer to in times of crisis for guidance and counsel. Together, we have been able to identify areas of concern as well as put together action plans. 

Action plans require work. During the crisis and pain, most of us are willing to put effort in and do the work. But I have noticed that when the pain diminishes, so does the work sometimes. When life improves, there is no more reason to put in the effort and ‘brush’ anymore. Until next time.

I can relate to this. How about you? 

The reality is that if you put in the effort when the relationship is going well, there will be fewer times of discomfort. This is true with any relationship, inward, outward, and upward. 

So, in the good times and bad, keep brushing.

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