Unmet Needs Become Issues

A Need Vs. An Issue

In June of 2021, I wrote about needy people. We determined that each of us is needy on purpose, and God makes us that way, allowing us to choose whom we turn to in time of need. God or not God.

In this article, I want to highlight the difference between a need and an issue. Oxford defines “need” as “require (something) because it is essential or very important.” Conversely, Oxford defines “issue” as “personal problems or difficulties.”

Needs are something everyone has, but not everyone has to have issues.

Have you ever heard the statement, “That guy sure has issues!” You may have said or thought that about someone at some point. Someone may have said about you sometime in the past. I’m sure someone has said that about me. And, I’m sure they were right (with emphasis on the ‘were’ signifying past tense, of course.)

Reading between the lines, we could interpret the previous statement as meaning, “That guy has attitudinal problems that need to be dealt with.”

Unmet Needs Become Issues

I contend that when we ignore a need, it will turn into an issue.

By taking care of your needs in a God-pleasing manner, you will avoid having issues. Encouraging your spouse to have their needs met in a Godly way will help them avoid issues. As parents, by allowing your children’s needs to get met in a Godly way, your children can avoid developing ongoing issues.

It takes work, effort, and time to have needs met correctly. However, I promise you that it will take more time, effort, and work to address and ‘fix’ issues. Especially those that have been allowed to be entrenched. Please trust me on this.

This truth applies to individuals and families alike. This truth is applicable on the job site and in the church.

Fundamental adherence to Biblical principles will help you avoid developing issues in your personal life. Proverbs 3:5-6 is an excellent place to start.

I would love to assist you in determining what your specific needs are and how to meet them adequately. Let’s talk.

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