The Bruised Soul

The bruised soul. I have used this analogy many times working with people. Today, I will share it with you.

All of us have had a bruise on some part of our anatomy. The tendency we have when someone or something gets close to the bruise is to back away or protect that bruised area from being touched. Why? Because it is tender, and when touched, it hurts. The more severe the touch, the greater the pain. 

The soul responds the same way. Some are more vulnerable to this process, but most people can and have experienced this. 

When another person makes a comment that cuts deep, or there is significant rejection, abandonment, neglect or abuse, etc., the soul develops a bruising compensatory to the infliction of pain.

The result is similar to receiving a physical bruise. If a specific word is used, a particular subject arises, or the individual responsible for the bruise is in the vicinity, the response is to back away, close down, or react emotionally in a destructive manner. We can lash out at an innocent party, creating damage, as a result, in that relationship. 

Ultimately, the tendency will be to erect barricades subconsciously to ‘protect’ ourselves. Time will not heal this arena of pain. Ultimately, if not treated, this part of the soul that is ‘protected’ will harden over time. This is destructive to every level of relationship, both inward, outward, and upward. 

The walls erected to ‘protect’ us from the pain do not only keep ourselves and others from getting close, but also God is kept away. Ironically the very One that can help is not allowed to. 

The Solution

The only way to allow healing in the soul is to remove the barricades we erected. Many of those walls built result from childhood experiences and are painful indeed. But, before healing can occur, we must allow it. Only then can God do what we ask but keep Him from doing.

Take down the barricades. Remove the walls. Expose the pain and let God bring the healing so desperately needed. Let healing come to the bruised soul.

Of course, when you do this, you will become vulnerable again. In reality, you will depend on God more, enabling you to trust Him more and making you more effective in the Kingdom.

God will be with you through the process. Trust me on that.

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